Festival of Choirmasters` schools -"Future Voices" was held in Ozurgeti

About 400 children from 11 Choirmasters` Schools participated in the mentioned festival (Ozurgeti, Tsalenjikha, Lentekhi, Sachkhere, Oni, Mestia, Poti, Batumi, Zestaponi, Kobuleti, Samtredia)62180668_367433890551466_7618263486128193536_o

Target of the arrangement was popularizing traditional chants and songs and spreading them through the  future generation. The children represented samples of the songs from the regions they lived.

The festival was divided into two parts:  The first part was represented at  Ozurgeti Folklore Centre where the children performed traditional chants and songs and the second part continued on the territory of Giorgi Salukvadze Home  Museum , where the guests, both the children and  grown-ups participated in different activities,  joined the exhibition and got introduced with local traditions.61351861_363806297580892_895260085738012672_oChildren from Ozurgeti Choirmasters` school hosted their peers from Oni, Lentekhi and Mestia, this was one of the targets of the festival-deepening relations,  getting introduced with one another`s traditions and becoming friends.


The Choirmasters` schools were awarded with certificated of gratitude.