The Day of Pilimon the Chanter (Koridze)

The day of Pilimon the Chanter (Koridze), a Saint of Georgian Church, singer and chanter, great patriot and public figure will be celebrated in Ozurgeti on 25 July. Pilimon Koridze spent last days of his life and passed away in Ozurgeti. In the Plane Tree Park in Ozurgeti there is his bust and presumable grave.

On 24-25 July Metropolitan of Shemokmedi Ioseb and the Gurian Clergy will hold Divine Liturgy at Shemokmedi Cathedral Church of Our Saviour in Koridze’s honour. Local chanter-singers’ choirs, guest church choirs fromTbilisi and neighbouring regions, such as Aghsavali, Tao, Conservatoire women’s church choir, folk ensembles Didgori, Ialoni, Adilei, Peritsvaleba will take part in the Liturgy.

After the Liturgy the participants will pay tribute to Pilimon Koridze’s memory with chanting at his grave. Chants and folk songs documented by Pilimon Koridze will be performed at the evening concert at Tsutsunava Drama Theatre in Ozurgeti.

The Project aims to make the audience better appreciate Pilimon Koridze’s patriotic activities, his merit in the safeguarding and revival of Georgian chant. Similar events will contribute to the popularization and development of church chant, preservation of identity, increase of future generations’ interest in song and chant; this will also be very important for the region, which cannot boast similar projects.

The Project is supported by: the State Folklore centre of Georgia, Charity Fund “Kartuli galoba”, Studio “Mravalzhamieri”, Ozurgeti city Municipality and Administration, Guria Regional Government.