Student of Kobuleti School of Choirmasters was awarded by Tbilisi City Hall

11 year-old Nugo Sulamanidze is an excellent student of Kobuleti School of Choirmasters, he was awarded with a special prize by Tbilisi City Hall together with other talented children.
After introducing him by the Centre Director Giorgi Donadze, Nugo Sulamanidze performed before the audience with the song Khasanbegura, Adjarian version accompanied by the ensemble Basiani. Guram Guntadze, a choirmaster was the man who made him love Georgian traditional chanting and singing . He is especially good at performing Krimanchuli . “We all sing in our family, my mother, my five brothers and even my 8 month-old sister seems to have a good ear“- says a little singer.
“We, generations ought to preserve Georgian folk singing and chanting, we are the patrons of unique treasure having such kind of polyphony… all this need a special effort by the government and families. I often express my gratitude to the parents of the children studying at our schools of choirmasters for their perfect decision to make their children dedicate their life to Georgian traditional culture - singing, dancing… I was also taken by my mother and father to the singing classes, if there weren`t them, I have no idea what kind of life would I live” - stated Giorgi Donadze.
Nowadays there are 27 Schools of Choirmasters in different municipalities of Georgia where the children are given opportunity to take free classes of traditional singing and chanting.

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