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Presentation of Batira Arabuli’s Book

On 22 April presentation of Batira Arabuli’s book “Batira Arabuli – an Heir of the Born in the Myths” will be held at the exhibition hall of the State Folklore centre.

The book is the fruit of “red-haired” Batira’s thought unfortunately published after his passing. The book includes his verses, letters, notes, reminiscences of only (seven representatives) of Arabuli family and Tariel Putkaradze’s two letters about Khevsureti. Editorial board: Amiran Arabuli, Baghater Arabuli, Tariel Putkaradze. Folk material was published by Amiran Arabuli as editor.

The book testifies that “Batira’s name should not survive only in transient man’s memory”.

Presentation starts at 16:00