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Old and New Tusheti

Lili Murtazashvili’s personal exhibition “Old and New Tusheti” will open at the Gallery of the State Folklore Centre.
Exhibited will be carpets; various objects from Tushetian mode of life; churn; cast-iron saucepans; tungi (long necked copper water vessels); khoncha (wooden trays); wine vessels; shepherds tools, etc.
Tusheti is one of Georgia’s mountainous regions most distinguished in the diversity of
traditions, rituals and applied arts. Since ancient times sheep farming and wool
production has been very important in Tushetian mode of life; Tushetian carpet with its
restrained range of colours and unique ornament pattern occupies particular place among
woolen articles.

Lili Murtazashvili and her group continue the tradition of manual processing of wool and
dying it with natural medicinal plants. Project for preservation and revival of
Tushetian handiworks won a small grant; the project united Lili Murtazashvili and
seven other women with common interest. They continued their work even after
completing the project and today they teach Tushetian handiwork to school children free
of charge. The group aims to popularize Tushetian handiwork, wool and sheep species.
The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the National Hero of Georgia Giorgi
Antsukhelidze – brutally killed in Tskhinvali.

The Exhibition will open on 14 April at 19:00