Naïve Painting from Achara

Personal exhibition of self-taught artists – Hasan Helimishi and Durmishkhan Kiknadze will open at the Exhibition Hall of the State Folklore Centre.
Hasan Helimishi – a Laz artist, folk narrator, poet, a worthy son of Lazeti was born in 1907 in the Laz village of Ortakhopa in “osmalos sakartvelo” (Ilia)/ part of Georgia occupied by Ottoman Tukey. From 1932 he lived in Georgia, passed away in 1976, is interred in Sarpi.
In his life Hasan Helimishi’s many-sided creative life never was an object of proper attention. The theme of his creations was economic-domestic environment of Lazeti.
As it often happens, a true artist was “discovered” later. Durmishkhan Kiknadze is another unique, self-taught artist, who lived and worked in Kobuleti, and nobody actually knew anything about him. His original world outlook, individual artistic thinking and pictorial style formed in the 1990s. Kiknadze is a brilliant representative of Naïve art.
Exhibition of the two artists will be musically supported by ensembles Iagundi and Elesa from Achara; they will also present dramatized Acharan wedding.
The Exhibition opens on 26 April at 18:00
Closes on 6 May.