Mikheil Khergiani - 85

The exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Mikheil Khergiani will be opened in the exhibition hall of Folklore State Center of Georgia on November 7. Will be exhibited: Photo material reflecting the life and work activity of Mikheil Khergiani, paintings and graphic works of painters from Svaneti.

Mikheil Khergiani was born on March 23, 1932 in Mestia, the family of the famous hunter and Alpinist Besarion Khergiani. 13-year-old Misha was first awarded with a alpinidade Award. Gradually became one of the best alpinist. Misha Khergiani achieved all success in 1952-1969. He thoroughly justified the name "the tiger of the rock" - and, indeed, "the Tiger of the rocks" sparked many times in Europe." The winner of many Competition, the owner of many gold medals. Misha Khergiani, a wonderful person and Mountain Climber, died at the age of 37 - in Italy – While conquering the summit of Sualto (partner Slavna Onishchenko) In 1978, one of the newly discovered Planet was named Misha Khergiani.

Vladimir Wysotsky dedicated the song to his memory. Mestia Ensemble "Riho" participates in the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be opened at 19 :00 pm

Will be closed on November 16th