Lia Sikharulidze’s personal exhibition

Personal exhibition of  Lia Sikharulidze’s works will open at the gallery of the State Folklore Centre. Lia Sikharulidze – a self-taught artist  works at the Institute of Manuscripts; of her multi-lateral activity most noteworthy is restoration of manuscripts: consolidation of damaged and disbanded miniatures, restoration of pages, and renewal of leather and embossed cover, binding, etc.

Among the displayed exhibits will be: miniatures and copies of historical documents; scrolls and signatures of Queen Tamar and King Erekle II of Georgia; the autograph of Petre Bagrationi; book of donations (1072) of King Giorgi II of Georgia to Shio Mghvime Monastery (parchment); King Davit Aghmashenebeli’s will to Shio Mghvime Monastery (parchment); different copies of gospel and Lia Sikharulidze’s naïve oil-paintings.

The exhibition opens at 18:00 on 19 December

Closes on 27 December