International Symposium - “Folklore of Silk Road Countries” is opened

“Welcome to the participants and organizers of XIV International symposium “Folklore of Silk Road Countries”. Holding this kind of arrangement is extremely important for raising Georgian culture on the international field. We`re honored that the Folklore Centre joins organizing the scientific forum having 14 year-long experience and hope our cooperation to last for a long time. I wish all the participants of the forum productive occupation and positive impressions.

Nowadays, preserve and reflect personal identity is vital for everyone within the modern globalization process, especially for such a small country as Georgia. National culture, folklore consisting its various fields like: song, chant, oral folklore, handcraft, tangible and intangible cultural heritages - are one of the best determiners of national identity.

Folklore Centre is among those institutions firmly protecting and preserving traditional culture. Not only the culture of Georgian people, but the one of other ethnos and nations is main priority for us. Before talking about the particular projects carried out by the centre, as a musician, I`ll try to catch your attention and focus on the importance of Georgian folklore.

The most important determiner of Georgian traditional music is a polyphony, in particular, a vocal one, that means that the song surpasses an instrument. It seems, Georgians are genetically characterized with polyphonic singing as it has always been the best way of self reflection and deepening ties.

On the one hand becoming Georgian folklore as a scientific discipline and on the other hand changing the life style since 19th century, the ideology and views of people has been completely changed as the natural way of the folklore development. Nowadays folklore is less functioned through the daily life, its place is on the stage, research centers and museums.

Not only preserve and revive, but also give a new life to traditional culture is a main priority of the Folklore Centre nowadays. For this reason the centre has carried out various projects during the last period of time after its long existence”- stated the director of the Folklore State Centre, Giorgi Donadze in his welcome speech.

Organizers of the Symposium:

➤ Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature

➤ Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University (TSU)

➤ Georgian Comparative Literature Association (GCLA)

➤ The Folklore State Centre of Georgia

Remind you the symposium will last till September 26

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