Giorgi Salukvadze – 100

Presentation of the book dedicated to the life and creative work of Giorgi Salukvadze – a renowned Georgian choreographer, People’s Artist of Georgia, researcher, engineer-inventor and constructor, will be held at the Exhibition Hall of the State Folklore Centre.

Authors of the book: Rezo Chanishvili and Oleg Alavidze

Noteworthy is Giorgi Salukvadze’s merit in Georgian folk choreography, he greatly contributed to the formation of Georgian dance as a performance on the stage, the examples staged by Salukvadze show how a dance can be performed on stage without damaging its origin and roots. He is author of many dances some of which are considered classics (“Kalmakhoba”, “Partsa-kuku”). Factual and documentary photo material included in the book clearly shows great choreographer’s creative work. The book is published with the support of the Foundation “Kartuli galoba” and the State Folklore Centre.

Editor: Ucha Dvalishvili
Reviewers: Pridon Sulaberidze and Omar Mkheidze.
The publication is dedicated to Giorgi Salukvadze’s 100th anniversary.
Beginning 18:00