Folk-tour - joint project of TV channel Imedi and the Folklore Centre

Monthly rubric called Folk-tour will be presented in Imedis Dila, that means holding folk tours in different regions of Georgia together with the director of the Folklore centre, Giorgi Donadze.
First shots were held in Telavi recording: Gocha and Beka Bidzinashvilis, the Bidzinashvili`s family ensemble, ensembles: Patara Kakhi and Shilda. Giorgi Donadze visited village Kondoli together with a journalist, Nutsa Mamulashvili. They were hosted by the oldest singers: 84 year-old Valiko Esitashvili and 76 year-old Naskhida Tchikadze - These people have been devoted to Georgian polyphony for decades. Next folk tour will be presented from Svaneti with interesting, historical and unforgettable folk news.