Expedition in Akhmeta

The Folklore State  Centre organized a musical-folkloristic field expedition to Akhmeta District (expedition was led by ethnomusicologist, Doctor of Arts Natalia Zumbadze, members: Archil Burchuladze and Nikoloz Iremashvili).

In the town of Akhmeta and 18 villages of Akhmeta District (Arashenda, Atsquri, Akhalsheni, Akhshani, Dedisperuli, Zemo Alvani, Zemo Khodasheni, Koghoto, Kojori, Matani, Naduknari, Ozhio, Sakobiano, Kvemo Alvani, Kistauri, Shakhvetila, Chabinaani and Khevischala) the expedition documented the examples of Kakhetian, Khevsuretain, Pshavian and Tushetian music: traditional genres of song and instrumental music (lullabies, shemgherneba, kapia, dzrokhis mopereba, korberghelaze samgheri melodia, datireba, “dala”, simghera-tirili; ghvtis karze satkmeli, weather monitoring, Christmas, wedding, table songs, dance, wrestling, travelers’ instrumental melodies), also recorded songs melodies performed on  different musical instruments, documented vocal-instrumental examples – with instrumental accompaniment and contemporary (including author’s) songs. Together with musical material the expedition collected some verbal information and recorded a few interviews.

Despite several attempts, the expedition could not meet some renowned performers. This is why we are planning another visit to Akhmeta in autumn.

Expedition materials (recorded by the mobile sound recording studio, Tascam, video and photo cameras) will be presented to public in September.