Expedition in Akhmeta

On 10 February a group from the State Folklore Centre: Eter Tataraidze – Head of Oral Folklore Department, Tamar Akhobadze – Head of the Department for Regional projects, cameraman Nika Gogashvili and driver Nukri Iremashvili went to the village of Sakobiano, Akhmeta district , to visit Gabriel Garashvili’s family, as part of the preparation works for future film.
Gabriel Garashvili was born in 1929. He lives in Sakobiano, Akhmeta district.
Gabriel’s (Parkha’s) verses have been included in the collection published by the State Folklore Centre.
In 2016 the State Folklore Centre plans to publish the collection of Gabriel Garashvili’s selected verses with the support of the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection.