Exhibition “Samoseli pirveli”

Exhibition “Samoseli pirveli” will open at the gallery of the State Folklore Centre on 26 March.
Together with women’s, men’s and children’s clothes exhibited will be accessories for chokha: cartridge-cases, daggers and poniards, purses, pouches; shoes, boots, etc., corresponding to women’s and men’s clothes.
The exposition continues the exhibition “Traditional Old Clothes” held at the Gallery a month before and demonstrates how the costumes from different regions have been manifested and transformed in contemporaneity.

The exposition will be held with the assistance of salon-shop “Samoseli pirveli”. Over the years the company has sought for the clothes, jewelry and adornments, photos and written sources preserved in museums and funds, private collections in different parts of Georgia, and also the masters making traditional fabric, adornments and jewelry, shared and revived their experience.

The Exhibition opens on 26 March, at 19:00
The State Folklore Centre of Georgia
68, Aghmashebeli ave.