Exhibition of the works by the members of Georgian Artist-Calligraphers’ Union

On 4 December exhibition of contemporary Georgian calligraphers’ works will open at the Exhibition Hall of the State Folklore centre. The exhibits will include about 200 works of ten artists, based on the traditions of Georgian calligraphy and art of book, technical means, etc.
Calligraphy or the art of beautiful writing has always been one of the oldest and most respected professions in Georgia and always was the object of particular attention. This explains how the names of renowned Georgian calligraphers, such as Makari Leteteli, Ioane Berai, Simon Jorjadze, Ana Amirejibi and other have survived to this day.
Calligraphy or the art of beautiful writing implies deep knowledge and correct understanding of Georgian script. It serves to public education, economic and cultural relations of the country. Georgian calligraphy is inseparable from the art of book and signatures of great people and on the royal papers of various epochs.
The Exhibition opens at 19:00 on 4 December
Closes on 16 December.