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Exhibition of the Traditional Art of Dedoplistsqaro

Exhibition Hall of the State Folklore Centre will host the exhibition of works of studio “Pesvebi” for the revival of traditional handicrafts (dir. Nino Bakhutashvili).

Textile and fabric ornamentation is one of the oldest branches in Georgian decorative-applied art. Carpet occupies one of the most distinguished places among woolen works; carpet, an essential item of a woman’s dowry would be woven by a young woman or her mother. Great is the studio’s members contribution to the revival of traditional handicraft; their attempt to revive traditional carpet and to dye the material (wool, yarn) with natural paints was successful. Interesting and attractive are handbags, knapsacks, souvenirs and other items with traditional ornaments as made by folk masters.

The exhibition opens at 18:00 on 11 December

Closes on 13 December