Exhibition Blue Tablecloths

Personal exhibition of Vendo Tsurtsumia and Omar Khubuluri will open at the Gallery of the State Folklore Centre; exhibited will be traditional Georgian blue tablecloths, ceramic and cloisonné enamel works decorated with the ornaments of blue tablecloth.
Vendo Tsurtsumia spent years on reviving and studying the pattern and technique of blue tablecloth.
Blue tablecloth was chiefly made of flax and cotton fabric; the background from light to dark blue was dyed with the indigo imported from the East.
Basic decorative motifs of the tablecloth are: mani (Georgian traditional ornament resembling Georgian letter “m”), crosses, deer, lions, fish, birds, a woman and man dressed in chokhaakhalukhi – Georgian traditional costumes.
Blue tablecloth keeps Georgian customs and traditions; its rare examples have been preserved at museums, fortunately, the tradition of blue tablecloth is being revived today and it can still be found in Georgian families.
The Exhibition opens on 23 February at 19:00