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Construction-rehabilitation process at Lentekhi School of Choirmasters is still in process.

In the nearest future the children will continue studying in newly reconstructed building. The deputy director of the folklore centre, Elizbar Khachidze got introduced with the reconstruction working process in Lentekhi.
According to the director of the local Cultural Centre, Makhvala Gazdeliani, the reconstructed building will attract interest of the students and increases the number: “The Cultural Centre and Lentekhi School of Choirmasters is like one body, we are extremely happy to pass down our unique tradition of chanting and singing to the future generation. What is the most important, we hope for Zura Liparteliani, he knows his job well and loves it”.
Lentekhi School of Choirmasters was founded in 2015 by the Folklore State Centre. Teachers are: Choirmaster-conductor - Zura Liparteliani, Solfeggio teacher - Nargiza Gvidiani and Choreographer - Iur Bendeliani. Nowadays 50 local children have been studying Singing and chanting for free.

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