Choir Master’s School in Mestia

On 24 February a Choir Master’s School opened in Mestia; among the participants of the festive event were Mikheil Giorgadze – Minister of Culture and Monument Protection and Giorgi Donadze – Executive Director of the State Folklore Centre.
There are 14 Schools currently functioning throughout the country and their number will increase this year. The schools will also open in Baghdati, Oni, Tsageri districts. The teachers of the schools are professional and experienced people, the Centre also strives to raise the level of the School teachers’ professional skills. Noteworthy is the assistance and support of local government officials in the realization of the project.
At the end of the event, Minister Giorgadze awarded elder choir master Islam Pilpani with the highest reward of the Ministry “Patriarch of Art” for his contribution to the development of Georgian culture. It should be mentioned that Islam Pilpani is the 4th choir master nominated by the Centre.
On the initiative of the Georgian Government and with the support of the Ministry of Culture the State Folklore Centre started successively opening choir master’s schools in municipal centers and self-governing cities throughout Georgia for safeguarding and popularization of Georgian folk song in 2015. The Centre plans to purchase musical instruments for all schools and help them with the infrastructure.
The branches (centers) aim to: work with tradition bearers, seek for, record and document folk material and enrich the database. One of the most significant sides in the activity of local Centers is to teach young generation, train local personnel, preserve regional colour in Georgian folklore.