Armourer-Zaza Aladashvili`s open air exhibition at Folk Garden

Charity fair was held at Folk Garden supporting Zaza Aladashvili, It`s 28 years Zaza Aladashvili and his family members living in Dedoplistskharo municipality, village Arboshiki, have been making traditional weapons.The armourer made a smithy for visitors by means of taking out a loan in 2019, unfortunately due to COVID 19 pandemic, the tourist season was cancelled and the family is unable to pay the loan. Swords and daggers were represented on the fair.

Exhibition was supported by Traditional Craft Association, Georgian Ecotourism Association and the Folklore State Centre. Charity fair isn`t over with it, those willing to buy traditional cold weapons are able to communicate with Traditional Craft Association or donate money on the account mentioned below:

Organizers of the exhibition:


Receiver: Zaza Aladashvili

See the catalogue of the master`s work: https://rb.gy/rjpzgy