Andro Simashvili’s Evening

On the initiative of the State Folklore Centre and with support of the Ministry of Culture and Kakheti Regional Administration evening dedicated to the renowned choir master and singer Andro Simashvili will be held at Telavi Drama Theatre on 20 April.

Andro Simashvili – a singer, choir master, a brilliant representative of the Simashvili dynasty of singers, holder of numerous state awards and prizes was born on 6 October, 1923, in the village of Artana. Initially he sang in Qvareli regional ensemble, later with Mariam Arjevnishvili, in his student years he was a member of Piruz Makhatelashvili’s choir. From 1954 Mikheil Simashvili was appointed director of ensemble Artana and Andro upheld his brother. In 1981 ensemble Artana participated in the plenary session of the Composers’ Union at the Big Concert Hall in Tbilisi and was nominated a laureate, in 1985 Artana was again a laureate at the plenary session of the Composers’ Union in Moscow; the ensemble’s first recordings were made at this time. In 2001 UNESCO proclaimed Georgian polyphonic singing a Masterpiece of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Proceeding from this noteworthy fact the International Centre for Georgian Song directed by Anzor Erkomaishvili started opening choir master’s schools throughout
the country, including Telavi, where the choir master’s school was headed by Andro Simashvili. In 2002 Andro Simashvili was invited to Paris to teach Georgian folk songs to the Paris-based ensemble of Georgian folk song Irinola. In 2003 He was awarded Order of Honour. In 2008 Andro Simashvili was awarded National Folklore Prize. The State Folklore centre held an evening of Andro Simashvili’s creative work and released his two CD album. Andro Simashvili teaches old lesser known songs to young generation and also directs Alaverdi Church choir. His students are soloists and choir masters of the ensembles in Tbilisi and Telavi. Among the guests of the evening will be: Giorgi Donadze – Executive Director of The State Folklore Centre; Manana Berikashvili Deputy Minister of Culture and Monument Protection; regional and municipal government officials; specialists, representatives of folk circles. Ensembles from Tbilisi and Kakheti: Rustavi; Basiani; Didgori; Ialoni; Chakrulo; Patara kakhi; Tsinandali; Kheuro will perform at the evening.